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Breast Reduction

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What is
Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction improves the size and shape of overly large breasts. Women may seek breast reduction surgery because their breast size causes them embarrassment, inconvenience, or medical problems such as skin irritation, back pain, shoulder pain, and inhibition of breathing. Oversized breasts can also lead to premature sagging, thereby aging your appearance. Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and glandular tissue from the chest and pulls the skin tight around the remaining tissue to form smaller, more manageable, and more aesthetically pleasing breasts.

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The Benefits of
Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Enhances breast shape so that it is not overly elongated
  • Improves breast appearance by reducing its size
  • Corrects obvious breast asymmetries
  • Eliminates premature breast sagging
  • Relieves pain, medical problems, and inconveniences associated with oversized breasts
  • Relieves the embarrassment and emotional discomfort of having overly large breasts
  • Balances body proportions to improve body shape
  • Allows for better fitted and more flattering wardrobe choices
  • Boosts confidence and positive body image
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Achieved With Breast Reduction Surgery

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Relief of Many Symptoms

Women who desire breast reduction frequently have distinct complaints associated with having overly large breasts. These can include medical problems, chronic pain, breathing impediments, shoulder grooves, skin rashes, embarrassment, unwanted attention, daily inconveniences, limited wardrobe options, and difficulty or pain while exercising. Breast reduction can relieve these symptoms to improve your appearance and your quality of life so that you can participate in the activities you desire without negative repercussions.

Balanced Body Proportions

Having oversized breasts can give your body a top-heavy appearance. They may make you look disproportionate or off-balance, and it may be difficult to find attractive clothing options. Disproportionately large breasts may also make you the source of unsolicited attention. Breast reduction surgery reduces breast size to rebalance the body proportions and create a more harmonious body shape overall.

A Natural and Youthful Appearance

Women with overly large breasts may experience premature breast sagging that causes them to look older. Teens or young adults with overly large breasts may find that their appearance ages them and causes others to treat them differently. Reducing breast size with breast reduction can correct any sagging and create a more natural and youthful appearance.

Positive Body Image

Because of the many unpleasant symptoms associated with having oversized breasts, women may develop poor self-confidence as a result. Women who experience significant breast pain while exercising may avoid physical activity, which can reduce overall well-being, lead to weight gain, and further diminish self-esteem. With breast reduction, women can feel better about their bodies and feel ready to tackle exercise and life head-on with their new self-confidence.

Breast Reduction Procedure

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Dr. Chin uses many variations to perform breast reduction surgery and tailors every surgery to the needs of the patient. The most common approach begins with an incision that goes around the areola and runs down the center of the lower breast to meet the breast crease. Excess skin and tissue are removed from the lower pole to reduce the overhanging breast, and a new fold will be formed. The nipple-areolar complex will be higher up on the breast so that it appears more youthful. Dr. Chin will then pull the skin on the sides of the breast down and around the nipple, producing a firmer shaped breast. Afterward, the breasts will be smaller and will appear more youthful, round, lifted, perky, and proportionate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction Surgery

What will my recovery be like after breast reduction?

Dry skin, bruising, swelling, and general discomfort in the chest are all common during recovery from breast reduction. Pain medication may be prescribed, and a moisturizer may be recommended. Most of the stitches used dissolve so you won’t have any to remove. After a few weeks, you should be feeling better again. Many patients are ready to return to work by one week to 10 days after their surgery. You should continue to avoid strenuous exercises for six weeks so that your body can heal. Dr. Chin will inform you of any other potential effects and what you should do to make your recovery go smoothly.

Who is a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

If your overly large breasts cause you grief and you desire the benefits listed above, you could be a candidate for breast reduction. All candidates for breast reduction surgery should have good health and realistic expectations. Prospective candidates should be non-smokers, and their breasts should be fully grown. If you have any plans for breastfeeding in the future, it is recommended that you postpone your surgery until afterward, as breast reduction can sometimes inhibit milk production.

Are there health risks associated with getting a breast reduction?

All surgical procedures have some amount of risk. For example, some patients may develop an infection, experience adverse reactions to the anesthesia, or have excessive scarring. However, risks are rare. Most patients do not experience complications, and patient satisfaction is usually quite high after this procedure. The benefits of breast reduction, especially in terms of physical health, are significant and are typically considered to be more than worth the risk of any potential complications. Dr. Chin can give you more information during your personal consultation.

How does breast reduction correct breast asymmetry?

Breast reduction can correct breast asymmetry by reducing the size of the larger breast to bring it into balance with the opposite breast. If the patient feels that her breasts are overly large, Dr. Chin will typically reduce the size of both breasts, downsizing the larger breast to a greater degree to achieve symmetry.

Can my breast reduction be combined with any other procedures?

Many patients undergoing breast reduction wish to combine their surgery with additional breast procedures. Breast reduction can be combined with a breast lift to correct sagging.

Will I have noticeable scarring?

Noticeable scarring is unavoidable after a breast reduction. However, scarring is limited to the lower half of the breasts and can easily be hidden by clothing. Scarring also tends to fade over time. Most patients are so happy with their results that any scarring seems inconsequential.

Will my results be permanent?

The results of breast reduction surgery are generally permanent. However, any weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging could still affect the appearance of the breasts. Even so, smaller breasts tend to have excellent long-lasting results with reduced sagging and a more proportionate and balanced appearance.