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My experience with the office at Dr. Chin’s starts with my breast lift/reconstruction. The staff was such a positive influence on my psyche especially at a time when I was feeling so vulnerable. I felt at ease at all times, with the questions of surgery answered when I needed them to be. Post surgery Dr. Chin and staff didn’t stop at that, they continued to see my comfort and happiness through to the very completion. Couldn’t be happier. Today I continue to be a patient but of Shannon Bingham, R.N. Always the gentle professional, she guides me with expertise. I will be coming back for years.”


It is funny no matter how much older I got I still felt like the same person I was in my early 20’s. However, as I passed a mirror it was as if someone else was looking back a me. Finally, after being asked “Are you tired? You look like it.” I knew it was time to take action, the sooner the better. After careful research making sure the plastic surgeon was board certified and properly trained, I made an appointment with Dr. Chin.

I understood surgery would not make me look 20 again but after meeting with Dr. Chin and discussing the different options available to me, I had faith that the changes would be a step in the right direction.

It’s funny how we perceive ourselves. I though just a little work around the eyes would make the difference and my jawline needed a little definition. When Dr Chin explained to me the concerns I had about my eyes were indeed valid. But what I needed for the proper look was a browlift. The chin definition could best be achieved by a facelift. I had to give it some thought. This was more surgery that I had anticipated. But to get my eyes and face to balance made sense. At the consultation I was shown pictures of some of Dr. Chin’s patients and noticed how natural they looked, unlike some of the people I had seen in magazines that had that “surprised look” or “too tight.” I decided to go ahead and take Dr. Chin’s advice. He had taken time to explain my options in detail and I felt very comfortable with him.
On the day of the surgery I was nervous but Dr. Chin and the staff were very reassuring. Everything was so confidential. The operating room was AAAHC accredited and on site. One of the concerns I had was anesthesia. But everyone was wonderful. Everything went just as planned.

The recovery was pretty much as expected except that I really thought there would be more pain. I was back to work in about 10 days. I am so delighted with the results. My family, friends, and co-workers have all commented on how rested and happy I look. Looking in the mirror now is a lot more fun.

It has been 2 years since my surgery and many of my friends and family have become patients of Dr. Chin. I am always happy to refer someone to Dr. Chin knowing they will be taken care of just as well as I was.”


I had the pleasure of being referred to Dr. Mark Chin shortly after my move to Fresno. I had breast implants done elsewhere that were quite ugly. I wanted them replaced as well as a lift. I was nervous from my previous experience, which had also been very painful. Dr. Chin and his staff were kind and compassionate and reassured me this would be a much more pleasant experience. They were right! In fact my new breasts were so beautiful and I had so little pain that I was probably not very bright and went to a concert bra less and danced the night away. Luckily no harm….. This was 11 years ago and they still look great.

Last September, after putting it off for years, partly out of fear, I finally had a thighplasty. At less than 60 years old, I had thighs that looked more than 80! Too much sun and weight loss. I finally got to the point I had to do it or always wonder if I wish I had. My only regret…..I didn’t do it sooner! They don’t look 20, but maybe 35! Awesome. My husband commented after a recent trip to Florida….WOW! He also could tell I was more confident. I didn’t even put on a cover-up before I got out of the chair! I walked all around the pool area in just my bikini! My scars are healing so fast with the help of the Bio Cream that John recommended. And of course, because of Dr. Chin’s artistic expertise! I asked him how he can get the scars so even and defined. He told me it was his ancient Chinese Tailor Ancestors….lol. I think he took more than 6 inches of skin off. I really am a different woman! I even ended up with a bit of a butt lift!

Everyone in the office is kind and professional. I always feel confident I will get the best service. I would and do recommend Dr. Chin to everyone I know who is looking for a plastic surgeon. Also, the gals at the Aspire Medical Spa are great too. I love going to treatments with them. Shannon and Natasha are great at what they do!”