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Eyelid Lift

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What Is an Eyelid Lift?

Blepharoplasty (commonly referred to as an eyelid lift) is a surgical procedure that eliminates excess skin, fat, and muscle in the eyelids that contribute to puffiness, bags, and wrinkles around the eyes. The result from blepharoplasty is rejuvenated, younger-looking eyes that you can show off with pride. Your eyes are the first thing that someone notices about you. Unfortunately, they are also the first part of your face to show the visible effects of aging and gravity, and as this happens, you may discover that the age you feel no longer matches the age you look. In addition, excess skin and fat causing bags around the eyes can give a tired and aged appearance. Heaviness in the upper eyelids may cause one to lift the eyebrows frequently, causing deep wrinkles in the forehead region. In females, this may cause a masculinization of the forehead. Through blepharoplasty, Dr. Chin can alleviate sagging skin above the eyes and bags beneath the eyes to provide you with enhanced confidence.

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The Benefits of an
Eyelid Lift

  • Eliminates hooded upper eyelids
  • Reduces puffiness in the lower eyelids
  • Smooths wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes
  • Creates a balanced facial appearance
  • Enhances self-confidence
  • Increases field of vision
  • Results in a more youthful appearance
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Achieved With an Eyelid Lift

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Natural-Looking Results

Eyes show your inner spirit. Look more awake and vibrant with the natural-looking results of blepharoplasty. Attain smoother, tighter, and more youthful eyes without looking as though you’ve had anything done.

Control Over Your Facial Emotions

Your inner emotions will always come out through your eyes. Unfortunately, when the skin on your upper eyelids sags and bags form beneath your eyes, these emotions cannot always shine through. Instead of joy and excitement, your aging eyes may only show stress and tiredness. An eyelid lift will allow you to take control of your emotions so that your eyes can express whatever emotion you really feel.

Facial Harmony

The skin around the eyes is among the thinnest on the body, and this fact, when combined with the constant movement of the eyelids, makes the eyes highly susceptible to the visible effects of aging. Often, your eyelids age much faster than the rest of your face, which puts you at the risk of looking imbalanced. Blepharoplasty returns facial harmony and balance to your face, leaving you looking rejuvenated and refreshed.

Improved Field of Vision

As gravity takes its toll, your upper eyelids begin to sag and droop over your eyes. This hooding decreases your range of vision, which not only interferes with your normal activities but can make activities such as driving dangerous. An eyelid lift will open up your eyes and remove any impairment to your vision.

The Eyelid Lift Procedure

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An eyelid lift is a short, outpatient surgery. This procedure can be performed on the upper eyelids, the lower eyelids, or both. For an upper eyelid lift, Dr. Chin makes an incision in the crease of the upper eyelid to trim away excess skin, remove excess pockets of fat, and reposition the underlying muscles; this results in a more youthful eye appearance. For a lower eyelid lift, Dr. Chin makes an incision either below the lashes on the outside or on the inside of the lid. From here, Dr. Chin trims away excess skin and fat and repositions the muscles to reduce puffiness beneath the eyes. If the forehead and eyebrows are heavy, it may push down on the upper eyelids, causing more skin to seem excessive. At times, a forehead lift, or brow lift, may be recommended to give an overall balanced, fresher appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for eyelid surgery?

People who experience excess skin and tissue in the upper and/or lower eyelids and have obscured vision due to it are good candidates for an eyelid lift. Patients should be physically healthy, non-smoking individuals who do not suffer from health concerns such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, dry eyes, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. During your consultation, Dr. Chin will determine whether or not you are a candidate for an eyelid lift alone or with a forehead/brow lift.

What will my recovery entail?

You can expect to feel tightness, bruising, swelling, and sensitivity around the eyes. Your eyes may water initially following the procedure, and you may experience temporary blurred vision. Most patients return to work within one to two weeks of the operation with no complications. Prescription eye drops, cold compresses, and avoiding the sun will aid in the healing process.

Will there be scars?

Incisions are placed in the natural creases and folds of your eyelid to ensure that your scars are as inconspicuous as possible. That said, scars will be present at all incision sites, though these scars are small and will likely fade with time.

What procedures can be combined with an eyelid lift?

Some patients looking to improve their appearance with an eyelid lift may benefit from additional face surgery.

Most commonly, an eyelid lift is combined with a brow lift for full upper face rejuvenation. During your consultation, Dr. Chin will examine the extent of your facial aging and the causes of your eyelid laxity to determine if you are a better candidate for an eyelid lift, a brow lift, or a combination procedure. Blepharoplasty can also be combined with a facelift for full facial rejuvenation.

What are the potential risks associated with an eyelid lift?

Although complications with eyelid surgery are not common, they can include infection, bleeding, and in very rare situations, partial or complete vision loss.

How long will my results last?

The results of your eyelid lift will last for many years. Unfortunately, no surgery can stop the natural progression of aging, and future wrinkling and skin laxity will likely occur. That said, if you practice proper sun protection and take care of your skin, your stunning results will be long lasting.