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Implant Volume Revision

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What Is Breast Implant Volume Revision?

While many women are satisfied with their choice of implants after breast augmentation, others find that their implants do not meet their original expectations or desires. Breast implant volume revision is performed to replace the original implants with ones of a different size or shape.

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Breast Implant Volume Revision Can…

  • Increase breast size for a more desirable appearance
  • Replace overly large breast implants
  • Improve body balance and harmony
  • Correct augmentation-related breast asymmetry
  • Enhance confidence and self-image
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Achieved With Breast Implant Volume Revision

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More Voluptuous Breasts

Many women are unsure of how implants will affect their appearance and choose to play it safe with moderately sized implants, only to find that they want larger breasts down the line. The patient’s own anatomy may limit how large an implant can be placed at the initial surgery. With time, the breast tissues stretch and then later, a larger implant can be placed. Breast implant volume revision allows women to achieve their desired size.

A Smaller Profile

Not all women who choose to undergo revision desire an increase in size. Some women discover that their initial implants are too large for their frame, interfere with their lifestyle, or limit their clothing options. Breast implant volume revision allows women to decrease their breast size by switching out their breast implants for smaller ones. The elasticity of the the skin will determine whether the skin will sufficiently contract to obtain an acceptable shape. In cases where the skin will be loose, then a breast lift may be needed to tighten the skin envelope for a smaller implant and to raise the nipple position to a more pleasing aesthetic level over the mound. Dr. Chin will be able to tell you the options that you have in regards to the volume of the new implant.

Body Harmony

For the best results, the size of the implants should be in balance with a patient’s body. Occasionally, the original choice of implant does not create the balance and harmony that patients strive for. Breast implant volume revision addresses this issue.

Enhance Confidence

Women often undergo breast augmentation to increase their confidence. Undesirable results due to improper size choice can be detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem. Breast implant volume revision allows women to achieve the results they were dreaming of.

Replacing With Larger Implants

The majority of implant volume revision cases involve increasing the size of the implants. Depending on the size and shape of your original implants, you may have a limited selection of replacement options. To accommodate a larger implant, the breast pocket may need to be expanded or entirely recreated. Dr. Chin will discuss your revision options with you during your consultation.

Replacing With Smaller Implants

While not as common, some patients choose to decrease the size of their breast implants if they find that their breasts are too cumbersome for their frame or lifestyle. Over time, larger implants will stretch the breast pocket as well as the skin. To accommodate a smaller implant, a breast lift may be performed to address any resulting skin or tissue laxity. Breast lift surgery tightens the implant pocket so that it can hold the smaller implant.

The Replacement Surgery

Breast revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia to ensure a painless procedure. The original implant is surgically removed and replaced with one of a different size. While your replacement surgery may be able to utilize the same incision as your original augmentation, there is the chance that a new incision may be necessary. A breast lift, a release of scar tissue, or a change in the location of the implant pocket may also be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for breast implant volume revision?

Choosing your original implant size is a complicated decision. Breast augmentation patients who are healthy but dissatisfied with the size of their original breast implants are good candidates for breast implant volume revision.

Will I need to combine my revision surgery with a breast lift?

Patients looking to decrease the size of their original implants often discover that the larger implants cause premature breast sagging. Revision surgery can be combined with other breast procedures to achieve the best results. A breast lift can restore the breasts to an aesthetically pleasing elevation on the chest. However, it is not required for all revisions.

What can I expect from my recovery?

You may find that your revision recovery will last longer than that of your initial augmentation. It is common to experience bruising, swelling, and skin discoloration following the revision, but these will fade with time. Any postoperative discomfort can be remedied with prescribed medication, and most patients return to work and their regular activities after seven to 10 days. All heavy physical activity, including upper body work, should be avoided for at least one month.

Are there any risks associated with breast implant volume revision?

Complications after breast implant volume revision are rare. However, all surgeries come with inherent risks. Possible complications include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Blood or fluid accumulation
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant deflation or rupture
  • Breast droop or malposition due to the heavier weight of a larger implant
  • Thinning or atrophy of breast tissue

Following all of Dr. Chin’s preoperative and postoperative instructions will help to reduce your risk of developing these or any other complications.

What is the cost of breast implant volume replacement?

Much like your original breast augmentation procedure, the cost will vary depending on the new implants as well as anesthesia, facility, and surgical fees. Dr. Chin will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation.