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How Do I Restore My Facial Symmetry?

Posted July 15, 2022 in Facial Rejuvenation

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Since the beginning of time, symmetry has been associated with beauty. This is true in nature and art and has never been lost on humanity. 

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In fact, our brains instinctively seek out the symmetrical as it represents the ideal in matters of health and aesthetics.

Therefore, seeing something on our faces that is asymmetrical (whether present from birth or age-related) can lead us to consider surgical options to adjust whatever we are displeased with. Fortunately, there are many facial plastic surgeries available to help women and men restore or achieve more balanced facial features. 

How Can Facial Symmetry Be Adversely Affected?

Certainly, trauma can cause facial asymmetry, but subtle aging changes can also detract from our youthful symmetry over time. Weight fluctuations, wrinkles, loss of facial volume, blemishes, loose skin, droopy eyelids, and furrowed brows can all cause our faces to appear less symmetrical.

Alternatively, some of us come into the world with facial asymmetries, such as a nose that is too large or too small for the face. 

The good news is that most aesthetic concerns have solutions today and plastic surgery offers the most dramatic results.

Plastic Surgery Options to Restore Facial Symmetry

Many advancements have been made in the field of cosmetic surgery; having this kind of work performed by a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon is safe and can provide the symmetrical results you seek

The following procedures may be recommended for those desiring a shift in their facial appearance:

Facelift Surgery 

This procedure addresses wrinkles, restores youthful contours, and tightens loose skin on the neck and lower face.

Eyelid Surgery  Isolated image of a monarch butterfly.

Also referred to as an eyelid lift, this procedure can help rejuvenate tired-looking eyes by removing droopy eyelid skin and fat to reveal brighter eyes and a more alert appearance. 

Combining facelift surgery with an eyelid lift is a comprehensive approach to a balanced, younger-looking face.

Brow Lift 

Frown lines or a furrowed brow can give your face an angry or worried appearance and contribute to asymmetry. 

A brow lift helps restore smooth skin around the brows and lifts them symmetrically for a more balanced upper face. 

Nose Job  

Rhinoplasty is the technical term for this procedure that can refine a nose that is misshapen or large or rebuild a nose that is too small or flat.

The Truth About Facial Symmetry

While it’s true that beauty is strongly associated with symmetry, it does not refer to a mirror image. 

We all have some variance in the right and left sides of our faces, and if we were to duplicate or mirror one side of our face and then the other, we would see significant differences in our features. 

Humanoid face representing artificial intelligence.While nature tends to create patterns or symmetrical organisms, it includes some variants, and human beings embody some asymmetry as well. 

That’s what makes us so interesting. Most of us have one foot that is slightly larger than the other, or for women, one breast that sits a little differently than the other. 

Perfection is never the goal, and beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. There have been some studies on perfect symmetry in human-like replicas, which can be visually disturbing. 

However, restoring natural symmetry can and does improve the way we look, and our confidence is often directly linked to our appearance.

Restoring Symmetry With Cosmetic Surgery in Fresno, CA

Dr. Mark Chin is a well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon in Fresno, California, who offers a wide range of cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical services. 

If you have concerns about loose skin, wrinkles, droopy eyes, furrowed brows, or the size and shape of your nose, call our office today at (559) 382-9654. Our helpful staff is standing by to answer your questions or schedule your consultation.